"Still have my learning centre business and have also been working with decorating clients doing renovations, including kitchens, and general decorating projects.   Enjoying it immensely and finding my education invaluable"

Karen Hilton

"Bea’s incredible knowledge of teaching interior decorating is reflective of the success of her students.  She is one of the most gifted teachers I have had the privilege to learn from.  Bea continues to provide up to date information to her students on an industry that is always evolving and she doesn’t lose sight of the guidelines to follow."

 Leona Kenny

"I have been in the decorating business for some time.  As most of my jobs, either in new construction or major renovations, are fairly large, I find each one is a new learning experience.   I am sure I will be an expert by the time I retire.  I thank you Bea for being such a good teacher and a mentor for me. You're awesome!"
Aris Noble

"As an update on where I've gone so far with the education I received at Choices, I am working full time at a kitchen design shop, Woodhaven Kitchens, in PoCo. I am still in training, but enjoy it so far. Actually I work with another woman who took your program as well, Connie Loughton. I am learning a lot from her in the design aspect of kitchens.
My church now has a beautiful red and gold floor, thanks to my insistence on colour instead of neutral. I absolutely love having the ability to make a space beautiful. I've put my skills to use in other ways as well. For now the 'job' aspect is kitchens, but I know it will branch out further in the future.
So thank you, Bea, for the marvelous education I received at Choices." 

"On a bright note...I have won the National Gold award for best Commercial (CDECA) - something for you to brag about as it's your program that has allowed this for me.  So a huge thank you!" 

Heddy Bing, Urban Spaces Design Co.

Thanks for the opportunity to take the Feng Shui course.  It was absolutely Fabulous.  I learned so much and hope to continue my education in Feng Shui.


"After finishing a three year Fine Arts Program, I knew that my heart belonged to Interior Decorating. I found a great program offered through Choices that allowed me to take the required courses to get me launched into the field.  I met great teachers and was able to practice everything firsthand.  I always had great support and encouragement which continues to this date and access to tons of supplies which were used on our projects.  I loved the field trips to the showrooms that gave me the feeling of what I would be stepping into.  This fast track program, which I passed with honors, was my ticket to embarking on my career. To freshen up my skills, I recently enrolled in Project Management.  If you are looking to embrace this career, I strongly recommend taking Choices Interior Decorating Diploma Program". 

†Marla Neufeld, Marla Dawn Designs

"Having been in business for 20 years, I was looking for a program that would allow me to re-train quickly, professionally and ensure, at the end of it, I was prepared for the interior decorating industry. Choices Interior Decorating Program offered me focused one on one training, continued mentoring and hands-on experience from professional, experienced trainers and tutors who listened to my goals and tailored their input to my projects. The wealth of information and pace of the consolidated program got me fully trained and back to work quickly. Not only was I ready for the industry, I set up my own business immediately on completion of the program".

Kirstin Bates, Owner, Flo Interiors

"I had a fantastic experience attending and graduating from Choices.  In only 4 1/2 months I learned so many different things that have prepared me to get into a decorating career. Gabriela from Mexico. I really enjoyed my experience at Choices Interior Decorating Training Center. The instructors are very professional and knowledgeable and special attention is given to students.  With the knowledge I acquired, I am confident and positive about starting my own business". 

Khatere from Iran

I started off taking classes during the part-time evening program and to fast track to receiving my diploma, I attended the day program which took a quarter of the time to complete in comparison to the evening classes.  I found this to be a very rewarding experience.  The full-time students and the instructors made this experience both a pleasure and incredibly worthwhile.  I highly recommend taking
day courses from Choices Training Center on Main Street.  Rosa Perone

"Your program is amazing . Definitely a priceless education and valid information. People I come across can’t say enough about it. I feel proud to have been a part of it "

Chiemi Bremner

"I am a graduate of the Interior Decorating Diploma full-time day program and have been working in the industry for the past 2 years.   Without a doubt the program gave me the necessary tools, knowledge and confidence to pursue a career in decorating and now I own my own decorating company which is growing daily.  Bea and all the instructors are very skilled in what they teach and it was a wonderful experience to have taken this course"









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*Choices is the only school in the lower mainland that offers a part-time Interior Decorating Diploma.*

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